It’s time to

invest in Peru!

New opportunities in mining


Geological richness, availability of quality cadastral and geological information, the availability of product from top level providers and the legal framework that promotes private investment, make Peru one of the most attractive global destinations for mining investment. The Ministry of Energy and Mines cordially invite you to know a little more about Peruvian mining.


Mining Potential

Peru is a country with an old mining tradition, a tradition that remains in place thanks to the work of leading international mining companies. Peru has enormous mining and geological potential. The presence of the Andes mountain range all along the Peruvian territory accounts for Peru´s main source for minerals.


Legal Framework

Peru ranks among the top global producers of various metals (e.g. copper, gold, silver, lead, zinc, iron, tin, molybdenum, among others), reflecting the abundance of its resources, the capacity of Peruvian mining, as well as the stability of its economic policies.


Sectoral Statistics

Peru is the second largest producer of copper and silver in the world. It is the leading gold, zinc, tin, lead and molybdenum producer in Latin America. Peru is of potential geological importance: it is the country with the largest silver reserves in the world, the second in molybdenum, copper and zinc reserves; and the sixth in gold reserves.



The opportunities offered by Peru have turned it into one of the countries in the region where the largest mining investment takes place, with outstanding results and the participation of worldwide leading mining companies.